Automatic sealing machine
Maximum Production Rate :
10 cases / minute

product description:

Manually adjust the size of the carton, suitable for the same type of carton at the same time to seal the box; easy to operate, easy to use, easy to adjust, fast sealing, high efficiency, sturdy and durable, can be used in a single machine, can also be used with the automation to the packaging line. It is suitable for the packaging of various products such as household appliances, textiles, food, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, light industry, chemical industry, etc.

Equipment characteristics:

1. The sealing machine is manufactured by international advanced technology and uses imported parts, electrical parts and pneumatic components;

2. With more than ten years of experience in research and development of sealing machine, it also introduces and absorbs the advanced technology of sealing machines in Japan, Germany, Italy and other international counterparts.

3, the volume is light, the pulleys are complementary, the displacement is flexible, and it is more convenient to install and debug.

4. The machine is designed to be simple in operation, economical and durable, safe, and the lowest failure rate.

5. Manually adjust the width and height of the machine according to the specifications of the carton; it is suitable for the same type of carton sealing at the same time.

6, automatic folding carton cover, can be automatically attached to the tape up and down, fast, smooth, beautiful.

7, equipped with blade guards to avoid accidental stab wounds during operation

8. The machine is easy to operate, can be operated in a single machine, and can also be used in conjunction with an automated packaging line.

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