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Automatic Paper Inserter
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Main properties and characteristics

The paper conveyed from the paper shelf is transferred to the forming board through the guide wheel, the paper guide slot and the rollers with rubber feeding. The paper cutting cylinder completes the work of paper cutting. The pre-plugging cylinder inserts the paper into the paper plugging guide cylinder on the paper plugging tray, thus completing the first feeding, cutting and pre-plugging process. Stepping motor drives the stopper tray to rotate 90 degrees to reach the position of the stopper bottle on the bottle feeding track. The stopper cylinder works, and the paper is stuffed into the bottle. The conveyor belt removes the bottle that has been stuffed into the paper, and the next stopper bottle is added to the stopper position. So the cycle starts again and again, and the paper jamming work is carried out ceaselessly.

Main features:

(1) Strong compatibility, suitable for round, flat, square and flat square bottles of various specifications and materials;

(2) It is convenient to change the variety of bottles, which can rise and fall automatically.

(3) Pneumatic paper stopper technology is adopted to avoid the pollution of the machine to the material.

(4) It has a variety of detection and alarm control functions, such as no bottle, no work, fault self-check, paper change roll early warning and so on, to ensure continuity and accuracy;

(5) Fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with upper and lower processes, good coordination, no need for special operation, saving labor.

(6) Chinese or English control panels can store ten sets of variety parameters, which are very convenient to adjust and use.

(7) The control chip is imported from the United States, and the photoelectric sensor is manufactured in Taiwan, which is stable and durable.

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