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Fully-automatic mask making machine (1+2)
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Fully automatic Mask making machine 


This production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, mainly including coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge tendon material feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding, finished product unloading and other processes, completing the whole production process from coil material to finished product of mask. The produced masks are comfortable to wear, non-stressed, and have a good filtering effect,which fits the face shape of people and can be used in medical, electronics,mining,construction and other industries.

Main Features

1. The whole system is controlled by PLC, with high stability;

2. Adjustable production speed, parameterized human-machine interface, easy operation;

3.Using first-class brand ultrasonic welding machine, the welding quality is good and durable;

3. Missing material alarm;

4. High-speed production, 120,000 to 140,000 masks per day (24h production);

4. Modular and user-friendly design and easy maintenance;

5. The output stacking quantity can be set;

6. Low air pressure alarm (optional); equipment with insufficient air pressure does not work;

7. Automatic shutdown alarm when the equipment is abnormal or the material is broken.


Technical Parameters

Machine size


Machine weight

Total equipment weight ≤500KG Ground load 3500KG /


Beige and aluminum profile colors

Working power

220VC ± 5% 20HZ ground protection

Rated power

≤20KW (including welding machine)

Compressed air

0.4--0.6MPa (except water, oil-free, filtration, and the flow rate of clean air after voltage stabilization is about 300L / min

Production capacity


Mask size


SS non-woven fabric (for outer layer)


Meltblown non-woven fabric (for filtration)


SS non-woven fabric (for inner layer)


Bridge of nose

Width: 3mm clinker or iron. It is recommended to use clinker with iron wire.

Elastic earband

Single side 150mm × 2 sides

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