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KUKA palletizing robot
Maximum Production Rate :
12 times / minute

Main performance and characteristics

Wrist protection

Best beat time

From the beat time, it is one of the fastest palletizing robots on the market. KR QUANTEC PA has very stable production efficiency - even in the case of short tact time and full load operation.

Small interference profile

All QUANTEC PA robots have a hollow shaft wrist that is used to route electrical wiring inside and thus saves space. The slender, lightweight and compact and structured version ensures a small interference profile and an optimal gripper connection.

save space

Due to the slim base and small mounting area, the KR QUANTEC PA takes up very little floor space. This creates an innovative unit solution for the stacking task.

High precision work

KR QUANTEC PA is designed for demanding stacking tasks. With its power and kinetic energy, it can accurately perform high stacking operations on multiple pallets.

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