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Intelligent opening and sealing machine
Maximum Production Rate :
10 times / min

product description

ZF500 automatic vertical open-boxing machine is a new type of electromechanical integrated automatic packing equipment developed by our company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The machine integrates automatic palletizing system, unpacking system, packing system and sealing system. It also has the mechanism of automatically placing the upper and lower pad mechanism and automatically placing the certificate system. The machine adopts PLC+14 inch human-machine interface operating system. The unloading and packing operations are completed by the servo drive mechanism. This machine is suitable for automatic packing of products of various specifications. It can be used in a single machine or online with the front-end packaging machine to complete the packaging production line.

This machine automatically palletizes or arranges various specifications according to the requirements of product packing quantity. After the palletizing is completed, the package is loaded into the box by the coordinate clamp (or suction cup) system, and automatically enters after the packing is completed. The sealing mechanism is sealed, and the rear end of the machine can be equipped with a power roller line according to the user's requirements, so as to be connected with the large box labeling machine and the automatic baler.

The machine has the characteristics of high automation, simple operation and small floor space.

Performance characteristics:

A, PLC control, man-machine interface operation, with automatic counting, automatic palletizing, automatic unpacking, automatic packing, automatic sealing and other functions.

B. Automatic palletizing system: It can be adjusted according to the size of the box and the palletizing method.

C. Packing speed is fast: the packing mechanism is no less than 10 times per minute.

D. The opening and closing mechanism adopts the servo drive mechanism, which is stable and reliable.

E. Strong compatibility: Each adjustment part is equipped with an adjustment hand wheel and a scale.

F, with fault alarm, lack of material alarm, no box alarm, card machine alarm and other functions

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