Automatic packing machine
Maximum Production Rate :
300 cases / hour

product description

The machine adopts electromechanical integration design, which consists of frame, product conveying mechanism, carton feeding roller mechanism, carton positioning mechanism, automatic alignment mechanism, automatic packing mechanism, etc. The electronic control system uses imported electrical components, PLC control system, and people. The machine operation interface and main mechanism drive are pneumatic, featuring fast packaging speed, stable operation, convenient mold replacement and simple operation. It is mainly used for automatic packing of food and pharmaceutical products.


1. The automatic control system can use the suction cup clamp to clamp the product for packing, or it can adopt the free drop type packing, and cooperate with the international advanced streamlined motion design to ensure accurate positioning and no shaking of the packing movement.

2. According to the customer's packing arrangement requirements, the equipment can be arranged in groups to meet single row, multi-row, single-layer and multi-layer packing.

3. Before the packing, the equipment automatically opens and positions the upper mouth of the carton to ensure the smooth operation of the carton, and there is no worry about the card box.

4, a wide range of applications, can meet a variety of product packaging, can be bottled, boxed, bagged products boxed.

5, according to the needs, can be added with automatic pad and certification body.

Automatic packing machine packaging process

1. The carton enters the automatic roller conveying mechanism of the cartoning machine through the unpacking machine (or manually unpacking the bottom).

2. After the carton reaches the set position (blocking limit), the carton opening and positioning mechanism opens and positions the carton opening.

3, special protection function, when there is an obstacle in the packing, the equipment is protected and alarmed to prevent the product from being damaged.

4, product feeding and conveying The product is sent to the automatic alignment mechanism for arrangement, which can be single column or multiple columns.

5. When the arranging mechanism arranges the products according to the setting, the packing mechanism puts the products into the carton.

6, the equipment through the automatic control system, the production process is stable and reliable, can adapt to long-term work without downtime.

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