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Multifunctional automatic cartoner
Maximum Production Rate :
15 box / minute

Performance and characteristics

The machine adopts horizontal type and chain type one-way transmission, which is stable in operation, high speed and large in adjustment range. This product is suitable for medicines, bottles, hoses, soaps, poker and other pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals and other industries. Packaging, its performance characteristics are as follows:

1. It can automatically complete the folding of the manual, carton forming, opening, box packing, batch printing, sealing and so on. The hot melt adhesive system can be used to complete the hot melt sealing.

2. The machine is controlled by PLC. Photoelectric monitoring of various parts of the action, an abnormality in the operation, can automatically stop showing the cause, in order to eliminate the fault in time.

3. The main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the frame, and the torque overload protector of each part of the transmission system is installed on the machine board. Under the condition of overload, the main drive motor and each transmission part can be disconnected to ensure the whole Machine safety.

4. The machine is equipped with intelligent detection devices. No material is automatically replaced by the manual, no tray, convenient to work with the front equipment. In the process of testing, it was found that the waste products (no drug version, instructions) were removed at the exit to ensure that the product quality fully met the qualified requirements.

5, the machine can be used alone, can also be used in conjunction with the blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.

6, the machine can be based on different user requirements, can replace the packaging specifications, adjust and debug the production of simple varieties, while at the same time can meet the user's small batch and multi-variety production.

7. Due to the variety of materials, in addition to the conveyor belt for automatic production line connection, the feeding device matched with the machine has the following ways: for matching:

 Medicine board servo silo: mainly for the design of the medicine board (similar to the shape of the medicine board), the storage quantity is large, and the servo motor is used to control the cutting time and quantity, which is convenient and easy to set and control on the touch screen;

 Bottle buffer tray: According to the shape characteristics of the bottle, the disc platform and the bottle handling device are designed to promote the storage, storage and queuing of the bottle materials in the buffer tray, and enter the cartoning machine in an orderly manner;

 Granule and paste feeding device: The size of the material and the amount of material added per box are different, and the specific feeding form will be different. The main principle is to use the conveying and finishing device and the robot to grab the material into the cartoning machine, and use the automatic control means to complete the counting, superimposing, culling, queuing and other functions during the finishing or grasping process;

 Other materials: The feeding device can be specially designed to complete the feeding according to the specific conditions of the special materials.

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