Three-dimensional wrapper
Maximum Production Rate :
30 Package/minute

Main technical features:

1, fully sealed packaging: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pollution.

2, instant sealing, heat sealing station does not deposit materials: approximate cold packaging, no impact on pharmaceutical thermal products.

3, automatic paste anti-counterfeiting and easy to pull the line: improve product anti-counterfeiting ability.

4, fully automatic: automatic vertical box, automatic palletizing, automatic feeding, packaging, heat sealing, counting and so on.

5, high speed: up to 40 packets / minute Energy efficient: power consumption 4 kW / hour (only 1/2 of the heat shrink machine power consumption).

6. Intelligent: All motion and electrical control systems are centered on the programmable controller PLC: to ensure stable and reliable operation and stable performance.

7. Convenient: The packaging speed can be steplessly regulated; the use, operation, maintenance and maintenance are simpler.

8, building-type structure: replacement parts are more rapid, suitable for packaging different sizes of box packaging.

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