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Instant printing labeling machine
Maximum Production Rate :
10 Bottle/minute

Process flow

Large box conveyor → instant printing → corner labeling → finished product

Feature description

1. This equipment is suitable for electronic printing code or traceable code for instant printing and labeling.

2. Powered synchronous tension control supply label, the supply is stable and fast, ensuring the speed of labeling and labeling accuracy.

3, the label synchronization positioning mechanism, the label positioning error is plus or minus 1mm.

4, touch-type human-machine interface, any abnormal human-machine display and guide troubleshooting, easy to operate, anyone can easily operate the device quickly.

5. The emergency stop button can be installed at the appropriate position on the production line to make the connection operation safe and the production smooth.

6. The label peeling distance is automatically calculated by the length and photoelectric matching microcomputer. It is not necessary to adjust the photoelectric position. Any label length can be modified in the man-machine interface, which is convenient to use.

7, can be installed in any production line or stand-alone production use.

8. The whole machine is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel and A6061 high-strength aluminum material. It will never rust and fully meet the requirements of SGS, cGMP, FDA, CE and EU regulations.

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