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Vertical square round bottle labeling machine
Maximum Production Rate :

Performance characteristics

work process

Single row vertical position feeding→separation→correction→top belt synchronous clamping→single side labeling→turning position 90 degrees→two side strokes→single row standing position

Salient features

The operation is simple and widely used.

The main conveyor belt is a chain conveyor belt, the top belt adopts the synchronous belt, and the top belt and the main conveyor belt synchronously drive to ensure stable operation.

The unique posture adjustment function ensures high-speed, high-precision, non-impact continuous labeling.

SS304 stainless steel body, fully compliant with GMP requirements

1) SBJ-100 bidder:

(1) International famous brand servo motor drive, double label press roller, patent technology with no gap key connection, stop mark accuracy ± 0.4mm;

(2) Marking line speed 100m/min

(3) can install our SDJ series hot stamping ribbon printer

2) Hot stamping ribbon printer:

Hot foil printing is still the most economical, efficient and clean label printing method. Our company can provide SDJ-60 extremely fast silent electric hot stamping ribbon printer and SDJ-50 pneumatic hot stamping ribbon printer, which can be installed on our various labeling machines to realize label online coding.

(1) SDJ-60 Extremely Silent Electric Hot Stamping Ribbon Printer:

Using brand-name servo motor drive, it can be installed on our high-speed feeder to achieve stable, 800-minute high-speed, accurate and clear printing.

Unique patented ribbon drive mechanism for stable and accurate ribbon step control accuracy (+/-1.0mm) and precise stepless step adjustment range (2~24mm) even at high speeds Maximum print quality and reduced ribbon loss.

There is no impact during the working process, which greatly reduces running noise and wear damage to ribbons, labels, substrates, print heads and other parts. (Running noise is not higher than 78dB(A) at 600 times/min).

The temperature can be set.

 Especially suitable for high speed, high quality, high stability, low noise requirements.

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