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Vertical round bottle labeling machine
Maximum Production Rate :
300 bottles / minute

Main performance and characteristics

TBL200-A vertical round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for labeling various round bottles of medicine and food, printing and coding, can be matched with laser coding, TTO coding, the whole machine is conveyor belt mechanism, standard Head mechanism, header adjustment mechanism, bottle and bottle mechanism, printing mechanism and Siemens PLC control system, touch screen system.

The machine has advanced functions, simple operation and compact structure. Adopting photoelectric detection, the conveying, rolling bottle and splitting bottle are stepless speed regulation, and the standard is accurate; at the same time, it has the functions of no object, no labeling, no standard calibration, automatic detection and so on. It can also be used with the printer to achieve continuous and accurate marking printing. It can be used as a stand-alone batching tray or automatically connected to the packaging machine. This machine also has the FUZZY function, which makes the labeling operation easier.

Performance characteristics:

1. The labeling system adopts the self-designed labeling head to ensure the labeling accuracy.

2. The system adopts microcomputer control, touch screen menu operation, parameter adjustment is more convenient and more intuitive.

3. Suitable for bottle labeling of various specifications.

4. The conveyor belt and the splitter wheel are driven by a separate motor and can be steplessly regulated, making the labeling more reliable.

5. The sensitivity of the label electric eye is adjustable, and the label base paper with different transmittance can be identified and compared.

6. The measuring electric eye is not interfered by noise such as external light or ultrasonic waves, and the detection is accurate, so as to ensure that the label printing does not go wrong.

7. All mechanisms, including the base cabinet, conveyor belt, and the bar to fastener are all made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles. They will never rust and have no pollution, ensuring GMP environmental requirements.

8. The hot stamping machine is an optional accessory. During the labeling process, the date, batch number, expiration date and other identification contents are simultaneously completed. Different colors of hot print ribbons are available, which are clear and quick-drying and clean.

9. All system control components have international standardization certification, and undergo strict inspection and testing to ensure the reliability of each function.

10 The working status and fault of the machine have reminder warning function. When the system runs, stops and there is a fault, the system records and stores the occurrence and end of the event (fault cancellation), which makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

11. Factory setting. The unit settings can be restored to the factory state under any circumstances. The factory settings cannot be changed. The preset factory parameters of this machine are the 51st group program.

12. Can store 50 sets of parameters.

13. The touch screen Chinese and English operation interface can be switched at any time.

14. With FUZZY fuzzy calculation function. The user only needs to input the production quantity and pass the material over the conveyor belt, and the system will automatically adjust the appropriate operating state. The parameters such as measuring electric eye, label electric eye, and pre-marking do not need manual adjustment.

15. The PLC reserved interface can accept the control signal of the upper computer in the online state.

16. Label remaining management function. When the remaining number of labels is equal to or less than the set value, the system will continue to alarm.

17. Message board function. Information can be written directly on the screen.

18. Complete help information. The user can get detailed help instructions by pressing the "Help" button in any operation.

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