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High-speed tablet counter
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Main properties and characteristics


A. Machine Introduction

1. Storehouse

2. Warehouse gate (including adjusting wheel)

3. Vibration part (with plexiglass cover)

4. Detection part (including track silo)

5. Memory Gate

6. Funnel (including adjusting wheel)

7. Blanking Cover System

8. Bottle feeding part of track

9. Flask Deficiency Detection Eye

10. Bottle Gate System

11. Cut-out Disk

12. Track Accumulator Eye

13. Out-of-the-bottle part of the track

1. Production speed:

24-rail 3-Head granulator: 16,000 grains per minute

2. The machine is equipped with an automatic device for eliminating and collecting errors. When errors occur, they can be automatically eliminated.

3. Unique sieve plate design:

The device can screen out the drug particles when they pass through.

4. Advanced central electronic control system ensures the stability and reliability of grain counting operation.

5. Power Station Control: All electrical components will not activate automatically until the "on" button is pressed.

6. Pneumatic control:

I. The pneumatic safety connector of the pneumatic safety shortcut is located between the air supply port and the machine (the manual valve in the following figure), which can block the air penetration and make the air inside the machine discharge out of the machine. Isolation of air allows the machine to be cleaned and maintained safely.

II. Main Pneumatic Device

The main pneumatic device includes a device which can adjust the intake according to the air pressure, so that the pneumatic part of the machine can operate more efficiently.

7. Mechanical control:

The mechanical control part of the equipment includes all the manual adjustment parts that make the granule suitable for the machine.

Including: warehouse gate adjustment wheel, warehouse door shield, blanking shield system, blanking shield and blanking shield insert, blanking funnel adjustment, conveyor belt system, etc.

8. Special Photoelectric Design of Several Particles


I. The machine is not a general one-way electronic counting eye, but a special 3-D infrared dynamic scanning photoelectric design.

II. Eight groups of induction systems are used for each number of grains. Each group of induction systems can be counted simultaneously or individually. Each group of induction systems receives signals from eight groups to ensure that products of any specifications can be accurately calculated. Therefore, the number of grains can be adjusted from 1 to 30,000 grains, and even if the number of grains per bottle is 1 or 30,000 grains, 100% accuracy of loading can be ensured consistently.

III. Dust automatic tracing and tasting software of the machine can detect the sensitivity of the electro-eye at any time, and automatically correct the dust situation of the granules according to different production conditions, so as to further ensure the 100% accuracy of the granules.

IV. The machine can detect all kinds of tablets, capsules and pills with diameters of 2.5 mm and up to 30 mm without changing any accessories.

V. The machine can use transparent and opaque products at the same time without replacing any parts, and can ensure its 100% grain accuracy.

9. Advanced magnetic vibration partitioning method


I. Because the vibrating disc of the machine is a completely horizontal electromagnetic vibration feeding, ensuring that each grain falls into several gates in a completely vertical free falling way, avoiding the irregular parabolic drop of the grain under the condition that the tilted vibrating disc feeding may generate the gravity of the grain itself, the falling speed of each grain is very stable. (as shown on the right)

II. The contact part with the pellet is made of stainless steel 316L, which has no damage to the appearance and no chemical reaction.

Third, there is a buffer structure, so there is no noise.

10. Unique Storage Warehouse

Although the machine head is 24 tracks, it can be counted less than the number of 24 tracks through several partitions, such as 3, 4................................................... 11 tablets.


11. Predictive function

"Prediction" enables the machine to complete several bottles under blanking shield for replacement, continue to count, in order to increase production capacity. When the latter drug is detected, all the particles will fall into the detection track, and the memory shield will block them. When the empty bottle reaches the blanking shield, the pre-counted particles will fall into the bottle, and if the number of particles is correct, they will circulate like this. After entering the predicted value, the machine will start the predicted value. Setting range: 3-30000

12. Counting mode:

24 counting tracks can be counted separately, 24 counting tracks can be operated independently to achieve the pre-counted particles per bottle. The gate plate is used to block the pre-counted particles collected at this time.

S. Wide applicability

I. Ingots of different shapes and sizes, soft and hard capsules and pills of different specifications can be used without replacing any parts.

II. The fuselage can be automatically adjusted to the required height by pressing the relevant buttons, without any manual adjustment, and no replacement of any accessories.

T. According to customers'needs, it is equipped with industrial touch screen with large screen.

I. Simple and easy-to-understand menu of human-machine interface, so that operators can see the parameters of the machine at a glance.

II. There are menus in different languages for people from different countries to operate.

III. Large-capacity storage systems, such as the means of production of products, average speed, opening time, actual operation time, the number of missed grains, etc.

IV. The system contains production memory storage of historical archives. Touch screen can store parameters of 50 different medicines. When changing medicines, the corresponding parameters of medicines can be directly invoked.

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