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Automatic Bottle Unscrambler
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Main properties and characteristics

A. This machine is mainly used to arrange the bottles needed, filled and labeled into a row before filling and labeling, and to input the conveyor belt of the next working procedure in an orderly manner, so as to facilitate the orderly work of the next working procedure, facilitate manual operation, ** convenient and greatly save labor.

B. The machine is a mechatronics equipment. It operates with touch screen of man-machine interface. The operation is very simple and reliable.

C. The main machine adopts electronic speed regulation, no impact bottle inversion phenomenon, and has photoelectric control device. When the bottle is blocked in the later process, the bottle handler automatically stops supplying bottles, and when the bottle is short in the later process, the bottle handler automatically delivers bottles. The product meets the requirements of GMP specification.

The equipment consists of hopper part, cylinder turntable part, frame part, pneumatic part and electrical part.

1. The hopper part:

The hopper of the bottle machine consists of two parts of hopper. Open the front transparent dust-proof cover plate of the machine, and conveniently load the disordered plastic bottle without the cap into the hopper. By lifting the belt, the bottle enters the rear hopper.

2. Bottle turntable:

The bottle handling turntable is installed at the bottom of the rear silo and is driven by the transmission part on the frame. According to the speed set by the user, the plastic bottles are rotated at a uniform speed. The plastic bottles are arranged and erected one by one while turning, and pushed out of the bottle guide slot one by one. The rotating speed of the flask-arranging turntable determines the speed of flask-arranging. According to the requirements of production line, users adjust the rotating speed of bottle turntable to meet the production requirements.

3. The rack part:

The internal skeleton of the frame part is welded by high quality angle steel. The surface is specially rust-proof for installing hopper, transmission part, pneumatic and electrical part. The imported stainless steel cover plate is used on the outside, and transparent plexiglass cover plate is installed on the top to observe the storage capacity and dust-proof inside the hopper.

4. Pneumatic part:

The air source of the pneumatic part is provided by the user, and the requirement of the air source is 0.3-0.6 Mpa. The air source is connected to the filter, pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge and gas source processing unit. Regulate the pressure relief valve to achieve * good outlet pressure.

5. Electrostatic precipitator: The bottle passes through the bottle turner, and the bottle is turned over to remove static electricity, blow air, dust and effectively remove foreign matter in the bottle to ensure the cleanliness of the bottle.


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