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High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
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Main properties and characteristics

1. Overview

Frame split design is adopted as a whole. The relevant windows are made of transparent acrylic or PC materials (the working state of the equipment is clear at a glance). The rest are made of SUS304 or aluminium alloy, and the appearance should be treated by wire drawing or anodizing. All operations of the equipment are tool-free design, and it only takes about 10 minutes to change varieties.

I. Machine structure (see figure):


Ⅲ.Bottle feeding bottle processing bottle discharging, one machine completed, reasonable structure can make the speed of bottle processing up to 200 bottles per minute.

IV. The bottle supply ladder made of special material can meet high-speed production without any damage to the surface of the bottle.


V. The whole disc bottle is connected with the ladder feeding bottle. It is not only easy to operate, but also has no damage to the outside of the bottle (Fig. 2).


VI. Replacement of different bottles requires only the replacement of the bottle handling disc, and no special tools are needed. It can be disassembled and assembled simply by rotating the handle in the figure below. The operation is simple and convenient.

Ⅶ.The disc and the wall of the warehouse form a bottle conveying track (Fig. 3).


2. Special supplier, matching with high-speed production.

I. Bottle supply ladder, with large capacity of storage warehouse, makes the whole process of bottle management completely automated, without special supervision.

II. Advanced and reasonable structural design can effectively utilize space and ensure the overall visual unity of the machine.

(iii) Super-large capacity storage warehouse to ensure timely supply of bottles.

IV. Bottling window, so that the feeding process is timely and simple, and the bottle library cap can be opened automatically and conveniently.

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