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Pouch Desiccant Inserter
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Main properties and characteristics

A: Working principle:

According to the size of desiccant, the corresponding parameters are set on the touch screen to control the feeding device to drive the desiccant bag. The data are detected by U-type electro-eye locator and fed back to the programmable logic controller (PLC). According to the results of the comparison between the feedback value and the set parameters, if the set range is within, the cutter cylinder is ordered to act to complete the feeding action.

B: Performance characteristics:

Compact structure, beautiful and generous shape, easy to use and maintain;

PLC control with programmable controller, touch screen with Chinese interface, easy to learn, easy to operate;

(3) Imported high-speed servo motors are used to position the feeding accurately, and the motor automatically opens the feeding material, so that the tension of the strip material is stable and there is no sticking and breaking phenomenon.

(4) The length of desiccant can be identified automatically and the corresponding parameters can be displayed for easy operation.

(5)The length of desiccant is set by input of touch screen operation interface, and the location is accurate.

(6)The lifting frame can be used for bottles of different heights.

(7)It is suitable for back-sealed whole-volume desiccant for paper-paper, paper-plastic and other packaging materials.

(8)The whole machine is made of stainless steel and other materials which meet GMP requirements.

(9)It can be used on single or multi-line.

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