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Canister Desiccant Inserter
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Main properties and characteristics

Artificially loaded the product into the hopper of the hoist, the hoist automatically feeds the material into the turntable. The material is orderly sent to the channel through the turntable. At the end of the channel, there is an escaping mechanism, which can put the material down one by one and fall into the bottle automatically. When a bottle is detected on the conveyor belt below, the escaping mechanism moves once, and the material falls into the bottle automatically. When the positioning time of the bottle meets the parameters set by the PLC programming, the pneumatic system will automatically change the bottle. Fully automatic operation can be achieved; more than one bottle can be packed.

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Performance characteristics:

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance;

2. Mechanical turntable finishing solid drying, low noise;

3. The whole machine is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC). The touch screen of Chinese interface is easy to learn and operate.

4. The materials of the parts contacted with desiccant are imported 316L stainless steel and other materials meeting GMP requirements.

5. The original imported Panasonic motor is used for stable and reliable operation.

6. Advanced blanking structure, accurate blanking;

7. The program can set the quantity of desiccant loading, which is stable and reliable.

8. SMC cylinder drive, simple, accurate and reliable action;

9. The lifting frame can be used for bottles of different heights.

10. Equipped with hoist to realize automatic feeding function;

11. Install separate electrical box. ;

12. Centralized feeding system;

13. It can be used on-line by single or multiple computers.

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