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High Speed Cotton Inserter
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Machine Introduction

Working principle:

Artificially loaded the product to the edge of the cotton drawing roller, the equipment can automatically run, such as automatic feeding, breaking, plugging such as the material pipe, to the bottle mouth, plugging into the bottle.

When the time of bottle positioning meets the parameters set by PLC programming, the pneumatic system will automatically change the bottle. Fully automatic operation can be achieved; it can be packed many times per bottle.

Performance characteristics:

1. The machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance.

2. It is easy to learn and operate with PLC control and touch screen of Chinese interface.

3. Multi-directional electro-eye detection to ensure the accuracy of cotton stopper;

4. The length of cotton stopper can be set by itself according to technological requirements (length range: 80-180 mm);

5. Suitable for continuous strip cotton in barrels or other packages. It works reliably and adjusts conveniently.

6. The lifting frame can be used for bottles of different heights.

7. The machine is made of stainless steel and other materials that meet GMP requirements.

8. It can be used for single or multi-machine wiring.

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