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Inline Cap Retorquer(Retorquer detection)
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Main properties and characteristics

Bottles with caps have been screwed in the front process of the production line. After sealing with aluminium foil, they enter the equipment for secondary capping. The bottle is clamped by two synchronous clamping belts to keep the bottle moving forward in a straight line. The cap is tightened by six revolving cap wheels in three groups.

Performance characteristics:

1. The machine has compact structure, beautiful shape, convenient use and maintenance;

2. The fuselage cover is made of stainless steel AISI 304, which meets GMP requirements.

3. The main motor adopts German SEW variable frequency speed regulating motor.

4. The whole machine adopts touch screen with Chinese interface and PLC control, which is easy to learn and operate.

5. Suitable for rotary threaded cap and anti-theft cap.

Rotary cap part:

It consists of two synchronous belts and three groups of six covers.

It has the function of adjusting the mechanical torsion to make the screw cap just right.

Non-toxic synchronous belt and non-toxic wear-resistant silica gel are used for the parts contacted with the bottle cap.

Digital display adjusting handwheel, easy and fast to change varieties;

Detection rejection part:

Automatically detect and eliminate unqualified products without screw cap, aluminium foil and cover.

When a sudden power failure occurs, the culling mechanism automatically reaches the culling position.

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