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Rotary Screw-on Capper
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Main properties and characteristics

1) Working Principle

The bottles sent from the previous station are arranged in a row and fed into the bottle feeding screw mechanism by conveyor belt into the single body, then fed into the bottle star wheel accurately. At the same time, the bottle cap is lifted from the bottle cap hopper to the capping mechanism by the hoist, and the bottle cap is automatically sorted out in the positive and negative direction, fed into the bottle cap slideway and entered into the cap star wheel. Each cap picks up the cap, and with the shift of the work station, gradually buckles to the bottle mouth and enters the main star wheel for capping. It can adjust the torque of the cap according to the need. The capped bottle body is rotated through the bottle star wheel and then conveyed to the conveyor belt. After the removal mechanism is tested correctly (no aluminum foil or defective cap is automatically removed) the conveyor belt is conveyed to the next process.

2) Performance characteristics

A. Electrical components adopt German Siemens and other brands; pneumatic components adopt German FESTO or Japanese SMC; motor adopt German SEW or Japanese Panasonic.

B. Key mechanical parts are processed by Bosch suppliers to ensure product quality.

C. The whole machine can adjust speed steplessly and accurately, and only operate on the touch screen.

D. The outer frame of the fuselage is made of stainless steel 304 or meets GMP requirements. It has no dead angle and is easy to clean. It conforms to GMP specifications as a whole.

E. All parameters can be stored according to the product; they can be called directly next time they are used.

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