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Inline Screw-on Capper
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Machine introduction

A. Special fuselage design to ensure widespread use:

Cap diameter 25-55 mm, bottle diameter 30-100 mm, bottle height 50-200 mm of any metal, plastic caps are applicable (no anti-theft ring cap form), and without any components.

B. Unique cover design

_. The lifting capping system of mining slope dike not only ensures the speed of capping, but also has no noise.

II. Cap adjusting device to ensure cap falling.

III. Capping device to ensure the cap **.

IV. Operation with larger upper cover storage tank without multiple manpower additions (one cover can be used continuously for more than 15 minutes)

C. High Speed Cap Structure

I. Adopting straight-line bottle conveying and capping method, the speed is fast and stable, and the scope of application is wide.

II. The special belt fixes the bottle body to ensure the stability of the cap.

III. Adopt PLC control, infinite speed regulation to ensure smooth production.

D. Quality Assurance System for Machine Distribution: Ensure that there are no bottles without caps, loose caps and crooked caps in the production process, and the capping rate reaches 100%.

I. No cap, screw cap is not in place, the machine automatically removes and collects without stopping.

II. Bottle conveying is not smooth or bottle collecting, the machine stops automatically and the bottle starts automatically.

III. Non-aluminium foil eliminating device, automatic eliminating and collecting without stopping the machine.

E. Special Connection Design with Front and Back Machines

I. Adopt docking mode with the former granulator to ensure that there is no phenomenon of bottle inversion and bottle collecting.

II. Use docking mode with the rear slow turntable.

F. Simple operation without special technicians

I. Bottle diameters are the same, caps are different, only the lower cap track adjustment is needed.

II. Different bottles and caps require only adjustments of the lower cover track and the width and tightness of the cap head.

G. Beautiful and concise appearance

I. The fuselage is made of stainless steel 304 except for special parts.

II. Cleaning is convenient and fast without any pollutants.

III. The whole machine is composed of two parts: the screw cap system and the top cap repairing system.

IV. Rotary cover and upper cover system are equipped with safety protection and dust-proof acrylic cover, which meets the requirements of GMP specification.

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