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Enercon Induction cap sealer
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Main properties and characteristics

A. Simple and reasonable combination design

I. Air-cooled

II. NEMA 4/IP65 Sealed Stainless Steel Shell Power Supply, Suitable for Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

B. Wide applicability

I. Applicable packaging materials: glass, plastic bottles, plastic caps.

II. All kinds of seals can be used for general caps, children's safety caps and distribution caps.

C. Advanced sealing technology and performance

I. The integral model can be easily mounted on the conveyor belt.

II. Rapid adjustment of brackets for different sizes of bottles and different bottle heights

III. Replacement of seal is simple and fast

D. Special protection system

I. Stainless steel body

II. Containing a set of oral seals and scaffolds

E. Power system 220V, single-phase, 50/60HZ

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