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Problems and Solutions of Filling Machine

In our daily life, when we are in a bad mood, we will lose our temper. Machines will also lose their temper. Although it has no life, it will make you cry and laugh when we start to lose our temper. * The direct way is to strike immediately, and then you need to appease it. Now let's look at the problems encountered in filling opportunities.

* Often encountered is the filling machine quantitative inaccuracy, which is mainly due to the entrance of the trough or internal debris blocked the filling channel, the solution is to clean the channel; sometimes encounter the filling volume inaccurate, which is filling specifications when the trough is large enough to fill, resulting in liquid level instability, can re-close the ball valve above the small filling head or increase the amount of material, and set the time to slow down filling again. Installation speed; Sometimes there will be leakage after closing the filling machine. This may be due to damage of the feeder nozzle, which can be taken out and repaired directly. The diameter of the orifice is not more than 7.5 mm, or new parts can be replaced.

In fact, when encountering a failure, we should first understand the causes of the failure, analyze the causes, open the machine to confirm the damaged parts, and then operate and repair according to the specific situation, which can save many unnecessary operation processes. This is not only suitable for filling machines but also for other packaging machines.

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