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A New Method of Maintenance and Maintenance of Printer

Usually, what we call a jet printer is a kind of high-tech product which uses charged ink particles and prints pictorial words and numbers on various surfaces by the deflection principle of high-voltage electric field. It is a set of mechatronics. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, wire and cable industry, etc. So how to repair and maintain the jet printer with such a wide range of applications? Let's look at several new methods.

1. Inkjet printer appears blurred, which may be caused by a variety of different reasons. Check and repair, troubleshooting methods are: ink viscosity is incorrect, adjust ink viscosity; nozzle micro-blockage, the implementation of nozzle through procedures; breakpoint value adjustment is inappropriate, adjust breakpoint value, while spraying, until the appropriate value; main ink filter blockage, cleaning, replacement of the main ink. Filtration; improper adjustment of ink pressure, adjust ink pressure according to user manual; excessive adjustment of positive pressure air of sprinkler head, adjust positive pressure air of sprinkler head.

2. Blockage of nozzle, which may be caused by the quality of grinding water. Ink plugging factor is a parameter directly related to the particle size of pigment in ink. If the plugging factor is large, the particle size is also large. The use of ink with larger plugging factor may not find problems in the short term, but with the increasing use, the filter will gradually be blocked, causing ink pump damage, and even some large particles will pass through the filter, causing permanent plugging of ink head, causing serious damage to ink head. The troubleshooting method is to use the original ink provided by the manufacturer.

3. The difference of voltage** between the two plates of the high voltage deflection plate will cause the high voltage fault of the jet printer. If the printer reported a high-pressure fault, you can check whether the high-pressure deflection board on the printing head is clean and clean. After drying, the machine can be turned on and used normally. If your jet printer often reports high-voltage faults, the problem may be more complex, possibly because the high-pressure sensor is too sensitive. Another possibility is that the ink splitting is not good. It can be checked and adjusted accordingly. If it can not be repaired by itself, we should contact the professional jet printer company in time, and the professional jet printer engineer will repair the jet printer at home.

4. Excessive ink viscosity will cause ink to stick in the ink conveyor, resulting in insufficient ink supply, insufficient ink jet and color fault. Especially in winter, the low temperature makes this phenomenon more prominent. Troubleshooting methods are to increase the indoor temperature (such as air conditioning, dryer, electric heater, etc.), so as to reduce ink viscosity or use ink with lower viscosity.

5. Ink viscosity is too low, ink is too diluted, ink-jet speed will be fast, ink spraying on the bottom lining will reflect back to the nozzle, resulting in ink accumulation on the nozzle, resulting in nozzle blockage. The phenomenon of spraying the same color for a long time is more prominent. The trouble shooting method is to scrub the sprinkler head with professional cotton stick viscous cleaning liquid. If this problem is to be solved thoroughly, high viscosity ink should be replaced.

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