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After-sale service

A. We will guide, debug and train your operators free of charge in a responsible manner to the users until you are fully operational.

B. The supplier is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment after lifting and positioning, and training the operators.

C. Guarantee immediate response after receiving customer's maintenance request. Maintenance personnel will give feedback within 2 hours and arrive at customer's site for maintenance service within 2-24 hours.

D. Take seriously and deal with the quality problems reflected by users, and make suggestions within the same day, and respond within 24 hours to major problems, giving priority to manpower, material resources, financial resources, transportation and transportation conditions;

E. Establish a holiday duty system to ensure that people are on duty every day, while setting up a dedicated telephone to receive users, so as to achieve rapid response, rapid processing, to solve the quality problems reflected by users;

F. Regular user visits, timely feedback of quality information, good after-sales service;

G. We will adopt the mode of delivery with settlement in the use of spare parts for users, which will bring you a quick response and make the replacement and maintenance of spare parts more convenient.

H. Company tenet: Our company will serve every customer in line with the enterprise tenet of "Credit assurance, customer first".

After-sales staff introduction:

After-sales Chief Engineer: Xiang Junyi, Dept. Kerui Technical Director, Intermediate Engineer, directs and directs installation in major projects.

The project team consists of the chief engineer of technical service department, Xiang Junyi, who is in charge of leading the team. One mechanical engineer and one electrical engineer of technical service department are in charge of technical guidance and training respectively. The general manager of after-sales service department leads the after-sales service personnel to install and debug the equipment on the spot and cooperate with each other on the spot. The chief engineer of technical service department confirms the entry of the project. The deputy general manager of the company shall confirm the quality of the project and contact Party A about the acceptance and acceptance of the project.

According to the feedback from users, the company organizes 2-3 times of product technical training every year, which can be at the site of the manufacturer or at the designated location of the company.

Contact number for technical information: 021-58594049

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