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Enterprise advantage

Technical advantages

       1. Through the acquisition of Hong Kong Paike Rui Packaging Equipment Co., the group company directly obtained a full set of top-level identification technology in Europe and America.

       2. The company is a leading enterprise in China using three-dimensional matrix type particle technology, and the precision of several grains can reach 0.01%.

       3. The number of bottle packaging lines produced by the company took the lead in achieving four modernizations: intelligent, modular, automated and isolated.

       4. Through system integration innovation, the company can provide customers with a complete solution for bottle packaging and post-packaging line, one-stop service.

       5, the first in the industry to use the servo control technology, equipment operation is more **, more stable.

       6. Developed visual image identification technology to solve the problem that material defects can not effectively identify and eliminate.

Talent advantage

       1. The company has two research and development bases in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and has a team of engineers with more than 20 years of research and development experience.

       2. Through the horizontal integration with universities in Shanghai, the company has established a multi-level talent echelon.

       3. The company has two R&D centers for smart bottle packaging lines and intelligent back-end packaging lines.

service advantage

       1. Quality comes from design. The company has established a comprehensive quality management system that is traceable and verifiable, which is the basis of the service.

       2. Based on the concept of “Globalization of Sales and Localization of Services”, we have established five service bases in North China, East China, Southwest China, South China and Central China.

       3, "Peace for you, Pai Rui is around", we have established a set of rapid service mechanism, the first time, rapid response.

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